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Specially formulated for Asian skin, Dermedex’s line of products is a combination of East and West cosmetics technology, specially formulated for all skin types to provide result-oriented and effective skincare. So whatever your skin issues may be, we have the solution in store for you. Experience Dermedex Today.

Dermeaesthetics is a skincare line specially formulated in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles USA. With over 130 years of working experience amongst their staff of chemist, technicians, asetheticians and doctors, they have spent the past 20 years creating professional skin care products that is effective, safe and results-oriented. The products are formulated using only the best clinically tested ingredients and undergo heavy clinical and consumer trials.​

Trichodex is a haircare line formulated and manufactured in Korea. Its range of high quality products enable you to have professional hair care at home and at affordable prices. Within the range also includes a series that is specially targeted to solve hair loss issue. These products are clinically proven to promote hair growth, solving your most stubborn hair problems. 

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