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With these specially designed facials targetted at your skin conditions


Green Apple Fruit Facial


Natural Enzyme Facial


C The Glow Facial


Micro-Needle Facial


The Hyaluronic Facial


Diamond Peel Facial

Treat Your Skin

The Face Affair Classic


Voted as our #1 facial, it utilises state-of-the-art ultra sonic energy to clear cell debris and rejuvenate the skin in a luxurious session. 


Essential Facial


This facial incorporates the essential features of a complete facial in a short amount of time.


The Marine Spa


Your skin will immediately become more supple, vibrant and full of luster.


Relaxing radiance Facial

Using special light technology, this relaxing facial aims to unearth glowing skin hidden under layers of stress and fatigue.


Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial


Purify and cleanse your skin from within with essential food to the skin -Concentrated Pure Oxygen 

Maintain Your Skin

Relaxing Aroma Facial


This facial brings out your natural beauty in you by relaxing your skin with calming essential oils, providing you with a tranquil, aromatic experience.


Gua Sha Therapy


Maintain your youthful look with this facial where it improves your blood circulation and boosts cell regeneration.


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy


Stimulate your lymphatic circulation to accelerate your body's natural detoxification process!


Living Stem Cells Therapy

Indulge in this break-through therapy that boosts cell regeneration. It gives life to damaged skin and help you achieve that baby smooth skin you always wanted



Pamper Your Skin


Breast Care


Ovary Care


Kidney Care


Pulse Therapy


Beauty Health
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